Edinburgh Highlights part 2

I wrote about my favourite pieces of theatre in yesterday’s blog post, but there were a few more I saw which are worthy of a mention:

Theatre highlights (cont.)

The Girl with the Iron Claws at Underbelly – very glad I managed to get a ticket, I loved this gorgeous retelling of an early version of the Beauty and The Beast story, which made clever use of a variety of styles of puppetry, and incorporated songs, and multiple scene and costume changes, and yet the storytelling still felt beautifully simple and uncluttered. It’s a show that would work brilliantly for rural touring.

Tomboy Blues: The Theory of Disappointment at Zoo Southside – a funny, honest and poignant account of growing up a tomboy, and dealing with disappointment. I loved the recurrent undercutting of the expectations of love stories, and the incorporation of the set and props. My favourite moment was a really touching bit of writing about how tears have hands which they use to push their way out of your eyes.

The Seagull Effect – I really really wanted to love this show, but I found myself just really liking it. And the horribly unfair thing is that the only thing I can really criticise about it is that there were just too many good things going on – some great writing, talented actors, accomplished physical theatre and so many clever uses of the set and projected imagery and animation – I think I just hit saturation point, and there were moments where there were so many interesting things going on on stage that I missed some of the narrative.

Theatre I wanted to see but couldn’t:

Even if you’re in Edinburgh for the entire month, it’s inevitable that there will be some shows you’re desperate to see but just can’t get to. There were a few things I really wanted to see, but couldn’t get tickets to – I’m really hoping some of them will tour or have a life after the Fringe.

Scary Gorgeous 

You Once Said Yes (I actually had a ticket to this but the Underbelly Box Office sold me it for the wrong date so it was after I left! Luckily I was able to sell it on)

Hotel Medea

The Oh F**k Moment

The Time Out

The Vanishing Horizon

Tickets and programmes, Edinburgh 2011

Comedy Highlights

Tim Key: Masterslut The funniest person I saw in Edinburgh by a long stretch and probably one of my favourite people full stop. His poem/recipe for Raspberries Tart had me in stitches. I saw it the night before I left, but if I’d been there longer I would have gone again without a moment’s hesitation.

Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation Deservedly selling out, I only got a ticket because an extra show was added on Saturday afternoon. I’ve always loved his found poems, so it was great to see one performed live, I also loved the analysis/take-down of mobile phone adverts.

Alex Horne: 7 Years in the Bathroom Delightfully bumbling show playing on those much-repeated statistics about how we spend one third of our lives asleep and so on. Possibly the most charming use of audience volunteers I’ve seen – complete antidote to the idea of getting nastily picked on if you sit in the front row of a comedy show.

Comedy I wanted to see but couldn’t:

Lots – but mainly Josie Long and Isy Suttie – I’m hoping both will tour their shows soon.

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