Theatre book group

Inspired by the fact I’m currently reading Harriet Walter’s latest book (Brutus and other heroines) and would love to chat with someone about it, I’m planning to start a theatre book group, specifically for people working in theatre in the region.


My plan is for the group to meet once a month or once every 2 months, with members taking turns to choose a book about theatre or a playscript for the group to read and discuss. I’ve got lots of books on my shelf I’ve started and never finished or scripts I’ve wished I’d read and I think a group like this might be good motivation to commit to some more reading as well as leading to some good discussions. (I’d suggest that availability and cost should be factors to take into account when choosing books and people could share copies where possible – I realise no one working in the arts has an unlimited book budget!)

If you think you might be interested I’m planning an initial meeting in Nottingham January 2017. Contact me if you’d like to be kept in touch about the details.

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