Always in the Afternoon

Always in the Afternoon by Cathy Grindrod. Rehearsed reading at Derby Guildhall, part of Theatre Writing Partnership Momentum Festival, September 2011.

Audience feedback:

“I do like rehearsed readings. Both as an artform but also as a more affordable way of bringing a play to professional production. What I don’t like in some rehearsed readings is the static form where essentially the cast just read – the half way house is best, as was there last night. I don’t think it was any worse for having script in hand, that simply became part of the props or staging, and I liked the simplicity of that”.

“The actors’ performances were superb throughout”. 

“The actors did a fantastic job I thought, and their characterization, actions and the movement around the stage made for a much richer experience than I’d anticipated of a reading”.

“Last night’s performance was excellent”.

“A powerful evening in the theatre”. 

“I never lost interest – it flowed along well – no sagging – I was constantly wanting to know what had happened/ was going to happen”.

“Very engaged throughout, and kept the audience guessing”.

“We admired the play and, like the rest of the audience, were totally absorbed, It held our attention from beginning to end. We talked about the play all the way home. This is our yardstick of appreciation of a play – how long the discussion lasts on the way home”.

“It was great that the outcome didn’t become apparent until the end, left us watching, waiting, considering, and sent us out wondering”.

“Really tremendous.  It was a privilege to attend.  I hope the play progresses to the success it really deserves”.

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