End to End

End to End
The Gramophones

Cast: Ria Ashcroft, Kristy Guest, Hannah Stone
Designer: Emily Croxford
Photos: Ralph Barklam

Reviews and audience feedback from the 2013 Lands End to John O’Groats tour:

The play is a superb work from an up-and-coming Nottingham company, richly layered, funny and entertaining and at times very moving. If you feel your life lacks excitement, this may be the right medicine to help you rediscover your lust for life
Left Lion. Read full review here.

surprisingly inspiring and uplifting…” ****
Broadway Baby, Brighton Fringe. Read full review here.

it felt like an evening catching up with old friends… a trip worth taking
The Latest, Brighton Fringe. Read full review here.

When music and physicality meet the piece becomes stellar – touching and evocative… the piece is offered with an affecting generosity of spirit and it’s hard not to be enchanted” **** Highly Recommended Show
Fringe Review, Brighton Fringe. Read full review here.

a beautifully choreographed record of new connections, bold initiatives, and pink tractors… a beautiful piece of work”
Catherine Edwards, Capital Theatre Festival. Read full review here.

What a show End to End is. Go and see it people. Charming, Captivating, Utterly delightful. #offonajourney

End to End a lovely sweet show – laughing and tears

End to End is beautifully made, soul enriching stuff

Saw End to End in Exeter last night – thought it was lovely & inspiring

Loved End to End last night – thank you for uplifting evening – am ready to go on an adventure!

Watched End to End tonight. Still spellbound by the show – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Beautiful, funny, nostalgic show

What an adventure and beautifully told

Amazing show last night… Came away challenged, happy,melancholic and excited all at the same time
Audience member, Hall for Cornwall

A wonderful evening in the Hall for Cornwall, in the company of three very talented performers. The production soared as high as a micro-light, but other times you felt the heart ache of being away from home.”
Audience member, Hall for Cornwall

Previous reviews and audience feedback

Truly sensational…pitched perfectly…brought to life with a real sense of energy and vibrancy
Buxton Fringe Review, July 2012. Read full review here

An injection of optimism…energetic storytelling” * * * * *
Three Weeks, Edinburgh 2012.  Read full review here

“With wings wrought of wanderlust this show soars. A heartfelt love letter to the ineffable spirit of adventure” * * * *
Fringe Biscuit, Edinburgh 2012

“A touching and poignant story…often very funny” * * * *
Broadway Baby, Edinburgh 2012. Read full review here

“This unique production is a moving reminder of our desire for human connection” * * * *
Edfringe Review, Edinburgh 2012. Read full review here

“I have been charmed by the openness, the effortless affability of The Gramophones… I really can’t find fault with any aspect of End to End”
Alt Blackpool, WordPool 2013. Read full review here

And some great audience reviews here

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