TiG by Imogen Joyce. Rehearsed reading in The Space at Nottingham Contemporary. Arletty Theatre. December 2011.

Audience feedback:

“I really liked the staging on three sides, the three stories intertwined… I really enjoyed the soundscape/music and the light effects really helped to give a flavour of how the piece will be in full production“.

I enjoyed how the three stories are linked. Good acting and good plot. Plot makes you think about who the victims are“.

Extremely moving with a strong subject tackled well“.

I enjoyed the characters, staging, music, connections between Antigone, Ancient Greece, Kosovo, and Tig’s story, and the use of projections and QR codes“.

It left me feeling interested in the themes and the roles of young women in society today“.

I loved the masks… they helped define the utterly different times. The projections were excellent“.

I really enjoyed watching it and felt that there is a really strong story, characters and show here. Well done“.

Nice to see Greek tragedy retold for a modern audience“.

Extremely relevant and thought provoking“.

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